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Susan Disher

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Who am I? I am Bob’s lover. I am a “SD”- over – the – moon – in – love with my grandchildren. I stand in awe of my daughter’s faith journey and I yearn for heaven to come closer for my son and grandson. My dogs bring smiles to my life. I celebrate all things southern; a great day is when Our State, and Garden and Gun appear in the mailbox together. My secret vice is Southern Chick Lit. Bacon is my love language, but give me a Dewey’s Devonshire Cream Coffee Cake and I can not refuse (and no, I do not share). There is nothing better than to sit across the table and speak Jesus with a friend. I am a cheerleader and I take great delight in cheering on women as they run the race they have been given. I plant my banner in knowing deep in my soul that God is good all the time. I love giving Jesus away and I would be hard pressed to do life without my Knots.

Julie gurley

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I am a stay at home mom of three crazy kids and the wife of one fantastic husband. I love Jesus, SMC, and the amazing relationships I’ve formed there. I love to talk and craft, often at the same time. I feel like a mess most of the time, but luckily Jesus loves messes too.

Angela Melcher Hailey

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I’ve made it my mission to find the silver lining in everything. I find that it just makes life easier. God has blessed me abundantly and I never want to take that for granted. I love being my husband’s wife and I am the mom of two boys who keep life interesting – to say the least. I love the love of God and most enjoy spending time with Him in nature and in worship at SMC. I’m grateful to share my thoughts through this blog with some amazing women.

Beth Hildebrand

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I’m a lover of Jesus, my husband, two teenagers, family and friends along with art, reading, taking photos, creating books, laughing and shyly confesses dancing. I have an eagerness – or really a need – to listen to your and other women’s stories of struggles and joys and everything in-between and I enjoy helping women at SMC connect with one another through SMC Women’s Ministry. I’d rather write than speak out loud, so I do here and on my personal blog about how I see God right there in the middle of our every day lives.  Joshua 1:9 and Romans 15:13 are my always go-to truth.

lynne Parr

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I am very grateful Jesus pursued me and after four decades, I finally “saw the light!” There is strength and power in the name of Jesus! My beloved husband of 27 years also didn’t give up on me. It was his mission that we share the joy of redemption together. When I graciously gave in, our lives changed forever, making Jesus famous. We love a simple lifestyle living out in the country on our farm with our dogs, goats, and ducks. God continues to provide me with inconceivable fulfillment as I continue to serve in SMC Student Ministry. Serving as a small group leader in middle and high school has become my passion. For someone who ran from the Lord, my testimony isn’t about me, it’s the story of how Jesus came in and rescued me. It is a constant reminder of a perpetual miracle in my own life.

SheA rocheleau

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I’m a Jesus-loving-married-to-a-wonderful-man-with-boys-she-treasures-more-than-the-air-she-breathes-woman who sometimes gets it right. I’d rather offer you a hug and a chance to share your heart over freshly baked cookies than do the things I’m supposed to do. There’s a pile of laundry and dishes constantly calling my name but my passion for marriage, students, and family outweigh all those necessities. Learning to trust God and wait for His plan has brought me peace like never before. I’m a pretty open book and always willing to share how God constantly provides, has never left me, and desires me.

Jessica Coble russell


I’m a single mom to two very active, very funny, and very smart not-so-little boys, who keep me on my toes (sometimes literally). I work in higher education, and live in the southern part of Alamance County where my family has been for many generations. In my spare time, I enjoy baking, writing, doing science-y things with my younger son and cheering on my older son as he plays the trumpet. I began attending SMC in 2012 and wouldn’t have it any other way.


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