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Recently a precious soul came to me with a challenging question. The question itself was shocking, but the reason for it has left me thinking a lot lately. They were asking about their salvation if they were “this kind of sinner.” I was stumped, whispered up a please Lord, give me Your words and proceeded to dig deep into “this kind of sin.”


Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter what kind of sin you’re battling. Really, it doesn’t. At least not to God. He doesn’t hold a record of sins. There’s no “God’s Top Ten Sins.” Can we all give an amen for that right there?


Romans 2:11  For God shows no partiality.


However, most of us encounter sinful humans on a regular basis. If you don’t think you do, please look in the mirror.  Too often we like to pick out or point out or snicker about their sin. We label their sins; we call them cheaters, liars, sailor language lovers, lazy, greedy, sleezy, vain, angry. We’ve developed our own system of labels that are rooted in how we see and keep record of sin. Without remembering this truth:


Romans 3:23  For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,


For those in the back, ALLLLLLLL have sinned and if you’re a Christ follower, you can trust God shows no partiality to one type of sin. What does that mean for the person asking about their salvation related to their sin?


Honestly, I’m still processing it-based on truths from His word and from wisdom from the Holy Spirit. This was the bottom line I left for them: Don’t be so quick to label yourself as anything. Whether it’s a socially good or bad label, just don’t do it. Throughout my life I’ve had a few labels I was happy to rip apart and I still carry many I treasure. My advice to this soul was to hold on to these labels:


Those are some pretty awesome labels. I’m not saying all labels are bad, but in a world of negative and hurtful labels I challenge each of us to be selective about how we label people. Especially when the labels carry enough weight to remove the redemptive power of the labels given to us as Christ followers.

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