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Our Women's Brunch and Outreach

IMG_0121 Take two!  Take two because we had to reschedule our original brunch date due to an ice storm.   We didn't let that stop us though because we're super excited to be together in fellowship, worship and storytelling and we're not going to let anything stop us!  So, here's some reminders and details and please make sure to scroll down to learn more about an outreach in which you can take part!

Trusting Wholly, Holy Trust A brunch gathering for women of all ages

Saturday, March 22 - 10am-noon Doors open at 9:30am

As of today, we have 435 ladies registered for the event and many that will be coming as guests. We are thrilled at the turnout and believe God has something incredible in store for all of us!  We realize that ABSS' inclement weather make-up day will be this Saturday and it may affect some of our friends who have planned to attend. However, please be assured that the gathering is still on and we hope you are still able to join us!

If your childcare needs change, please contact the SMC office at 336.584.8983 as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements with our hired childcare staff.

PLAN TO BE HERE EARLY!  Doors will open at 9:30am so you can have a little more time to mingle, grab coffee and enjoy a delicious brunch before our program begins at 10:30am.

There's still time to invite friends! They can come as your guests or register online here.


Our SMC Women's Leadership Team has prayerfully selected this partner for our Engage/Outreach emphasis for our brunch.  We hope you'll join us in blessing the clients at the Family Abuse Services for Alamance County (FAS) which is a valued local ministry partner of SMC.

FAS emphasizes the prevention of violence through education and awareness programs for diverse groups of people of all ages.  They provide community education, resources and support in the following areas:

• School Outreach Programs

• Domestic Abuse

• Workplace Violence Programs

• Latina Community Education

• Elder Abuse Education

We ask that you would consider bringing some of the following items to the SMC Women's Brunch and bless some women and children who need to know that someone really cares; and to share the love of Jesus in a practical way.


Paper products:

• Paper towels

• Toilet Paper

• Facial Tissue

Cleaning Supplies:

• Bathroom Cleaner

• Toilet Bowl Cleaner

• Glass Cleaner

• Kitchen Cleaner (counter tops)

• Dishwashing Detergent

• Bleach

• Laundry Detergent

• Dryer Sheets (Fabric Softener)

• Laundry Baskets


• Bath Towels

• Wash Cloths

Questions? Contact Kim Torrence @

We're looking forward to an unforgettable time of inspiration, worship and fellowship!


Trusting in the Claims of Jesus: Part 3 Trusting Wholly, Holy Trust

As we continue to focus our stories on trusting God, Angela, our Groups and Missions pastor, is joining us again to share some of her thoughts about trusting in the claims of Jesus as Himself.

I still remember her sweet voice singing,

'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, Just to take Him at His Word; Just to rest upon His promise, And to know, 'Thus saith the Lord!' ...

She sung with such conviction and passion, I knew there was something deeper beyond her words, and I longed for that to be true of me someday. Her name was Agnes; she was a widowed senior the Lord used to nurture me in my faith when I was a child.

Oftentimes, when individuals are asked, "Who is Jesus?" their responses are all over the map. Some say Jesus was "a good man, a moral leader, a historical figure, a great teacher, or one of the prophets of the Christian Bible."

On one occasion, Jesus asked this same question to his first disciples,

...'Who do people say I am?' They replied, 'Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, one of the prophets.'  (Mark 8:27-28)

Then Jesus posed this question directly to his disciples,

But what about you? 'Who do you say I am?'

How would you respond to this question?

For those of us who have a relationship with Jesus, the response is vastly different. Like most relationships, we come to know others by spending time with them. By doing life together. By giving them space and opportunity to reveal themselves to us.

Our most reliable knowledge of Jesus comes from the Bible. Historically speaking, Jesus was a Jewish man who lived and preached a little over 2000 years ago in the region of Palestine—the modern-day country of Israel. The Bible paints an astonishing picture of this man and his works. He's described to be of miraculous birth. His public years were spent preaching, teaching and performing miracles. He clashed with religious leaders of the day, and his life ended with a horrific, brutal death. But His story does not end there. The Bible also describes Jesus rising from the grave three days after his death!

What makes Jesus different from other religious revolutionaries? The difference lies in the claims He made about himself. He did not vie for political power or seek to establish his own religion. Instead, He made an unprecedented claim: that he was the Son of God and had come to heal, redeem, restore and reconcile man to God.

Jesus made these claims about himself: I AM... The Bread of Life The Light of the World The Good Shepherd The Teacher The Rabbi The Son of Man In the Father and the Father is in Me The True Vine The Gate The Door Gentle and Humble in heart The Lion of the tribe of Judah The Rose of Sharon A Healer, A Servant, A Sacrifice The Almighty King The Righteous Judge The Living Word The Way The Truth The Life The Resurrection 

Famous writer, C.S. Lewis once wrote that Jesus' life and message were so unique that he simply demands a response from us today.

 If Jesus was just another huckster religious leader, then he was a liar and must be ignored. But if Jesus really was who he said... then no matter how messed up our lives are, we can find real meaning and hope. It means there's a way to break out of the pain and frustration of everyday life and have a purpose. The Christian faith is based on the belief that Jesus was exactly who he said he was. (Mere Christianity)

The apostle, Peter answered Jesus’ question with a profound declaration:

 You are the Christ (Messiah), the Son of the living God.  (Matthew 16:16)

He didn’t fully understand his own declaration until after Jesus had been crucified and resurrected. Peter later came to know the claims of Jesus in a “personal,” intimate way and it transformed his life. The same is true for countless followers of Jesus throughout the ages.

Personally, I know that I know Jesus is my Savior, Healer, Redeemer, Perfect Father, Provider, Comforter and Friend. Not by what I have read in books or even in the Bible; but by what I have experienced in my personal journey and relationship with Him.

Throughout the centuries, people have debated almost everything about the life and message of Jesus. But no matter what anyone else says, Jesus' significance boils down to just one question: How will YOU respond to this man, Jesus, and his claims?

Jesus said, "I AM the way, the truth, and the life… " (John 14:6). 

 Will you trust Him enough to give him your life? All of it; not in part? To trust Him wholly and completely…no matter what?

For me, that same hymn sung by Agnes so many years ago, has become the declaration of my own heart:

I'm so glad I learned to trust Thee, Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend; And I know that Thou art with me, Wilt be with me to the end. AMEN!

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What's the heartbeat of your life? Part 2: Trusting Wholly, Holy Trust


Today our writer is SMC's Women's Ministry lead coordinator, Joanne Soliday.   She's telling us some of her personal lessons about trusting God through His Word and gifts us with her encouragement by challenging us to be reading the Bible.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us, Joanne!


How do you think calmly about Scripture when it is the heartbeat of your life?

One of our leaders at St. Mark's Church once told a story that has never left me. She said that each one of us over time has wished for moments or a few last words from a loved one that has passed away. I resonated so much with her thoughts! I often long for a "last letter" from my father who left us 15 years ago.

But her next words struck me! She said, that the Bible is like that letter left by our Father in Heaven.

That's exactly how I feel about Scripture. We have this wonderful letter and it continues to teach us. Time after time, I learn something different from the same verse and the same story.  But one of the consistent points God is teaching us is to trust Him.   Each story, God is inviting people to trust Him.

Over these last years I find it more important to memorize important passages.  In order to trust God in all things, I think that happens when you decide you'll rely on Jesus to direct every step of your life.  You might not be carrying a Bible everywhere you go but you must have the Word with you!

Memorizing verses brings me comfort, keeps me seeing the bigger picture and helps me to help others. It has proven to be one of the most crucial pieces of my journey with Christ. I whisper scripture to myself many times a day. Sometimes I wonder if anyone hears it and thinks I'm crazy!

Breathing scripture in and breathing it out brings a sense of calm that is unattainable for me in any other way.

I guess it'd be fair to admit that I'm head over heels in love with the New Testament. I know I should love each of the books of the Bible equally, but I will be transparent and say it's not easy to keep the Old Testament as close to me.

I love the Words of Jesus!

I can't tell you how much I read the letters in red and feel He's sitting in my living room talking to me. I love the way HE....

• Was born in a humble way with a star that pointed us to HIM • Speaks directly so there's no confusion about His expectation • Speaks in parables so we can work hard to see ourselves in each one • Slaps the hands of those who try to judge others • Describes how the "rules" are not as important as the heart • Loves those who we would say are unlovable • Begs people to "be" with him instead of "doing" more (I love that old phrase that we should be human beings instead of human doings!) • Talks about women and embraces them as He does (LOVE THAT!) • Has ultimate patience with those who are his disciple and explains HIS purpose to us again and again • He took time alone so He could take time with crowds • Teaches us to sacrifice and how He made the ultimate sacrifice • And so much more!

The words of Jesus will always be my guide and the heartbeat of my soul.

When I do read the Old Testament, I'm drawn to the Psalms first. What raw prayers they are! No words minced. Pain...Joy...Confusion...Passion. I turn there when I'm tempted to be "nice" in my prayers!

And last, but for sure not least, I'm a fanatic about reading the prophecy in the Bible and then reading the outcomes! How can we ever need more proof than this? Time after time, we can see what God showed us would happen and then how it happened. This little chart is in our SMC Essentials Guide. It is my devotional for this week. More Proof! prophecy and fulfillment chart

The chances of one man fulfilling even eight prophecies is 1 in 10 to the 17th power (1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000)

What a gift we have in scripture. And now...the only thing we need to do is receive it!

Is Scripture the heartbeat of your life?