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We Are His Messengers of Gratitude: Joy Thrives in the Soul of Thanksgiving


    During this Thanksgiving month, I encourage you to take time each day to thank God for something He has done for you. There is nothing more encouraging than expressing your sincere gratitude. We are to thank Him always for everything—great or small—but being specific about something each day that is especially meaningful to you will be a blessing to you and to God. But what about the other eleven months when saying “thank you” go unspoken? You will be amazed at the joy these two words bring into your life and the lives of others. We are His Messengers of Gratitude.

    Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. His love endures forever. 1 Chronicles 16:34

    There is so much in life to be thankful for, and that’s where we need to keep our focus ~ not just on Thanksgiving Day but every day. Fill your mind with memories that are true, pure, lovely, excellent and worthy of praise. Then express your gratitude to God. Once we begin on this journey of gratitude, it will become second nature to you. You will experience peace like you never thought possible. I promise you it is an exercise of faith, which will keep your spirits healthy, strong and of endurance. Expressing gratitude is a guarantee you will move forward toward what you focus on! Like the spies that went into the promise land, you can walk around in your promise before you possess it and stir up faith and joy about what God has given you. Rejoice and get happy about what you are seeing in faith even when you are not yet seeing it in the natural. Showing gratitude will make you rejoice in the truth that God is faithful and His promises are trustworthy.

    God wants us to get a picture in our hearts of what His promises will look like. What we focus on is what we will head toward, so we must be very aware of what has our attention….it is all about gratitude! Gratitude is a hard-fought grace-infused Biblical lifestyle. Whenever I need to discern between my own voice and God’s truth, I open my heart and speak the Lord’s universal language – Love. It shows my gratitude and others can see and feel it.

    In the very beginning of my faith-walk, there was a physical and emotional peace that came over me that hadn’t been in my life before. The Holy Spirit’s possession filled and guided me, saw my need and addressed my hopelessness. In that moment, I realized God wanted to invade my life and change me, if I would only say yes. And I knew that He was my only hope, so I said YES! Bottom line is that I knew I didn’t just need God, I wanted Him. That beginning was ten years ago and to this day, I express my gratitude on a daily basis whether it is giving thanks during prayer or reaching out to someone in desperate need...even giving thanks during times of trials. Giving praise and thanks verbally is only a small portion of gratitude; it must also be displayed by our actions for His glory. Life is just a preparation for something glorious and eternal. The Lord’s invitation has gone out…we just have to RSVP!

    The last five years of my life have brought deep pain and sorrow both physical and emotional. But God’s faithfulness has guided me through these times of loss, physical pain, doubt, and worry, which keeps me grounded on the path of joy. I always give thanks in times of sorrow as it builds endurance and allows me to help others on the same journey. Yes, there have been times during my extreme sorrow that I found myself stricken with doubt and spiritual warfare, but God showed me signs of His Presence that He has not forsaken me, which provided power to hold onto my faith. In showing my faith, I find comfort in sincerely expressing my gratitude.

    Whenever the living beings give glory and honor and thanks to the one sitting on the throne, the One who lives forever and ever ~ Revelations 4:9

    Expressing gratitude is a lot more than saying thank you. It is wonder; it is appreciation; it is looking at the bright side of a setback; it is fathoming abundance; it is thanking someone in your life; it is thanking God; it is “counting blessings.” It is savoring; it is not taking things for granted; it is coping. No matter what journey you are on, are you willing to express your sincere gratitude?

    In Christ, lynnesig