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Our granddaughter was stalling. It was past her bedtime and she was finagling with Dish, her grandfather, to stay up a little longer.

Dish was explaining that she needed to go to bed so she could wake up and do all the fun things he had planned for her the next day.

Mary Marshall gave in and flung her arms around his neck and said “thank you Dish for tomorrow”, completely trusting that everything promised to happen the next day would take place.

The faith of a child is simple and pure.

Dish said “this and this” would happen, and she never doubted his word.

We forget that God’s mercies are new every morning.

We forget our childlike faith.

We forget that Thanksgiving always precedes the miracle of God’s grace.

Lori Harris writes in her weekly blog “we are a discontent people because in our pursuit of all the world has to offer, we fail to give thanks for all that God freely gives. We allow the daily trappings of life trip us up and turn our eyes inward. We let outward pressures and others' expectations fool us into believing that somehow our joy is found in something or someone other than Christ. . . We chase more of the world and never slow down long enough to savor the world we've been given.”

Give thanks daily. And every night thank God for the miracle of his grace of tomorrow.

At the beginning of this month of Gratitude, I want to invite you to join me in a practice of reading a Psalm every day in November.

Day 1: Psalm 30 {give thanks for deliverance} Day 2: Psalm 118 {give thanks for salvation} Day 3: Psalm 138 {give thanks for God's loving kindness} Day 4: Psalm 9 {give thanks for God's righteous judgement} Day 5: Psalm 16 {give thanks for God hearing us} Day 6: Psalm 27 {give thanks for God being our defense} Day 7: Psalm 66 { give thanks for all that God has done} Day 8: Psalm 100 {give thanks that God is God} Day 9: Psalm 107:1-9 {give thanks for God redeeming us} Day 10: Psalm 111 {give thanks for God-breathed scripture} Day 11: Psalm 121 {give thanks for God being our helper} Day 12: Psalm 84 {give thanks for our HOME being found in God} Day 13: Psalm 8 {give thanks for creation} Day 14: Psalm 18: 1-3, 30-36, 46-50 {give thanks for God being our deliverer} Day 15: Psalm 46 {give thanks for God being our refuge and and our strength}

Read the Psalm and sit in the silence of His grace. Practice the “dog-with-a-bone kind of reading” that Eugene Peterson speaks of in his book “Eat This Book”. I encourage you to take one Psalm a day and meditate on it, inviting God to cultivate within your heart a spirit of gratitude.

And don’t forget to thank God for tomorrow, knowing He has it covered!

If you would like the second half of the list I will have it on the 16th of the month. Send me your email and I will see that you get it!

TUG4T (Thank You God for tomorrow)



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