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What's G3?

IMG_9871a You’re invited!

Yes, that’s YOU!

To come to an evening once a month to connect with other women who NEED or WANT to have an evening to be recharged in the company of other women who have the same desire.

At SMC, starting Thursday, October 6 at 6:50pm in the Atrium, a monthly "G3 - Girls and God Gathering" will begin. As women gather around a table, it’ll be an hour of worship, conversation, and opportunities.

I’ll give you a little sneak peek since you’re here on our blog. There’s going to be a theme throughout this 6 monthly gathering where we’re going to go into the Word and see what it is that God, deep in His heart, wants us to know and experience.

As women, we know that communication is a part of our DNA, our heart and soul. Whether we are more talkative or more of a listener, conversation keeps us going and also shows care, respect, support, compassion and love for the person we’re in communication with. And that not only goes with communicating with other people, but even more essential, is with God.

“Prayer is the nearest approach to God and the highest enjoyment of Him that we are capable of in this life.” William Law

So that’s what we’re going to delve into because prayer is like breath – it’s impossible to live very long without it. I bet I’m not the only one who is troubled about our country because of this election, unrest and brokenness, and disobedience to God taking place in our county, not to mention the terrors and instability of our world. There are people who are heartbroken, desperate, hurt, sick, lost and hungry who need the promises of God and can only be obtained through God’s Word and prayer. Deep down in the soul, I think there's a longing for connection, peace and to be in the presence of God's holiness.

But often, an authentic conversation with God can still seem unattainable. First of all, from personal experience, I can allow myself to become too busy to pray. But when I do, I’ve been distracted, my mind wanders to my to-do list for the day. Or how about this - I basically say the same prayer over and over like a repetition or ritual that really doesn't come from the heart. Or, sometimes I talk the entire time asking God for Him to answer my requests and not even give Him the time to answer them because I won’t be still in silence and listen to what HE'S trying to tell me. And if I’m not doing that, sometimes it feels like I’m just talking to myself and question if what I’m praying really matters. God already knows what my thoughts are, anyway. whew, let me take a breath. How many more excuses can I find? Have you ever used any of them like I have?

I once did a Bible study about prayer written by Phillip Yancey and one thing he wrote stood out to me:

“When doubts creep in and I wonder whether prayer is a sanctified form of talking to myself, I remind myself that the Son of God, who had spoken worlds into being and sustains all that exists, felt a compelling need to pray. He prayed as if it made a difference, and if the time he devoted to prayer mattered every bit as much as the time he devoted to caring for people.”

Jesus, the Son of God, NEEDED to pray too. It’s how God created us as humans – to have that desire and longing to communicate to someone who loves us. And even though it can seem overwhelming or difficult, NOT GIVING UP on prayer is worship to our Lord. Yancey also said,

“Jesus knew how the universe worked. He had lived in heaven and he lived on earth. He knew that prayer was a way to bring God and us human beings together. So, whenever something important happened in Jesus’ life, you’d find him at prayer.”

So whether you’re a prayer warrior, new at this thing, don’t have a clue how to, or somewhere in between when it comes to prayer, we welcome you to come to our “G3" October 6 and be in communion with other women who feel the same way and have the desire to know God more intimately. Each month we're going to look into what the Word has to say about prayer and ways we can enrich our prayers with our Lord. Come to as many as you can!

Flyers are at SMC this Sunday if you haven’t received one yet, or you can register here at or go to our SMC Women Facebook Page and find the Event there to RSVP. Please bring a friend with you, too!