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Everything Christian


Reading through a recent magazine brought an ad for to my attention. It asks “What does ‘Everything Christian’ mean to you?”  It goes on to say: “Every moment, every milestone, every breath belongs to Him. You believe it. And we nurture it…because ultimately, 'everything Christian' isn’t simply what we sell.  It’s who we are.”

I sat and processed that question and sought out what it does mean to me. I first had the horrifying thought it was something similar to the everything bagel. I can’t have foods touching on my plate and they expect me to eat a bagel with everything in it? I had the Lego song, Everything is Awesome, running in my head for too long. Jesus plus nothing is everything danced across my noggin.

Colossians 3:17 tells us “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” I use that as a beginning definition to go along with whatever you think, however you act, wherever you are, do everything in the name of our God.

And that folks, is where I’ve stumped myself.

I know what the Bible tells me to do, I know what God expects of me. Yet the human in me, the sinful woman, is often fighting what feels like a losing battle with my thoughts and actions. My family and friends are quick to remind me my face tells exactly what I’m feeling at any given moment. I can be thrilled with exciting news and you would know I had something to say before I could say guess what?! I am all too often being asked if I’m okay because my face tells what my heart is feeling.

But the worst part of it is when my face doesn’t show others that I love them because Christ first loved. Sometimes my face tells you that I don’t approve of something (when it’s so not my place to approve or not). My face tells you that’s not a good idea, I don’t like that, or “seriously?” If I call myself a Christ follower then my face should mimic Christ’s. He encountered people against Him, people outright sinning in front of Him, people even accusing Him of wrongdoing. Regardless of how anyone responded to Him, His response and I’m sure His face, radiated love. Because He tells us to do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Who is LOVE.

Check your heart. A very dear friend will look at my face and before I SAY something I shouldn’t she tells me to “Check my heart!” This has annoyed me at times, but when I really do check my heart I realize my face is showing something that God wouldn’t see in a mirror. I want nothing more than my face to mirror His, my actions to mirror His, my heart to match His; my everything to match Him. That’s what Everything Christian means to me. Checking my heart in the good times, checking my heart in the challenging times, checking my heart in my responses to others, checking my heart in my actions. Always being on guard to be a reflection of Him.

I want to be an Everything Christian.