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Your Pain Has A Purpose: The Promise Of Hope


Few people can honestly admit that they do not long for peace of mind and inner tranquility.  Life is the best thing God has given to us so let’s believe and live in His promise of hope!  He wants you and me to trust where we cannot see.  Does God guarantee the absence of struggle and the abundance of strength?  Not in this lifetime. But His pledge to reweave our pain for a higher purpose is in the palm of His hand.  How long will God take with you? He may take his time, His perfect time. God’s history is redeemed not in minutes but in lifetimes. He wants to use your circumstances to bring about His perfect will in your life. Believe me, my story is no fairy tale but I have found my Prince of Peace.

Let me share with you why I take God at His Word. I always feel the urgency to share my story of redemption to those who have lost all hope. I enthusiastically seize the moment to share my faith when and where needed. If you were asked to share the story of your life, how would you answer? Would you have a discouraging response, do you doubt your faith, blame God or have you sincerely found purpose for your pain that you can share with others bringing them hope?

He is definitely working overtime in my life right now just as He is with yours!  His plans for us to stop dwelling on our past pain and disappointments, are all a part of His plan. God has used it countless times to encourage me when I have experienced times of difficulty.  Do not allow times of crises to collapse in defeat what you may perceive to be impossible problems. God’s love for you is endlessly tender and encouraging. He has never failed us! For those faced with hardships, they desperately search for a little glimpse of hope in a seemingly dark and hopeless situation. As Christians, we know the suffering is as much of a gift as the trusting. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t underestimate the power and love of God.



Looking back, could I have possibly known that almost a decade earlier that when I wrote my own obituary I would mentor others who have either contemplated or tried suicide? Did I know that recurring nightmares and fear would remind me for years to come of the horrifying moment I was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, shot at and robbed would allow me to become a victim’s advocate? How could I have possibly known that my substance abuse and destructive lifestyle would comfort those in bondage and bring hope to their lives?

I couldn’t have possibly fast forwarded my life to understand there was divine intervention in progress.  There was no way of knowing that the year Craig and I lived through a painful separation, he would start on a journey of healing, faith and redemption attending SMC.  Because of his new faith and witnessing the incredible change in him, I never imagined I would follow behind my husband’s faithwalk to seek and find guidance, peace, hope, and redemption.   How could I have possibly known this was all part of His plan?  The seed Craig planted became the turning point in my own life providing me with hope and courage.

Look for the signs around you, find joy in unexpected places, encourage those who are weak and afraid, cleanse your heart and mind of all doubt. God loves transforming our troubles into triumphs. He is about to do something BIG in your life!

So, are you ready to share “The Story of your Life?” If you are anxious about this, please remember

“God began doing a good work in you,and I am sure He will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again.” (Philippians 1:6).

Next time you’re disappointed or are suffering, don’t despair or panic. Don’t give up. Just be patient and let God remind you He’s still in control. It ain’t over until it’s over!

With Love & Encouragement,

Lynne Parr