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Mindful Communication

IMG_0680 Lately, I've been learning that opinions are very important in daily life and the formation of ones' identity. They are crucial in any person's development and allow people to have a voice and intellectual expression in a world that can be oppressive in more ways than a few.

But there comes a point when they can be detrimental. When we start turning our thoughts to anger and our words into weapons. When we act so quickly on these personal beliefs that we don't take time to identify whether they are beneficial or not.

Proverbs 16: 21-24 says:

A wise person becomes known for insight;

gracious words add to one’s reputation.

True intelligence is a spring of fresh water,

while fools sweat it out the hard way.

They make a lot of sense,

whenever they speak from knowledge

their reputation increases.

Gracious speech is like clover honey-

good taste to the soul,

quick energy for the body.


A lot of times these beliefs are developed by association with a particular group of people; maybe employees, friends, peers or even a small group at church. Gossip happens everywhere.

There have been countless times in my life when I hear something about someone else and automatically jump on the bandwagon of agreeing with whatever was said. This isn't to say that all of the times this has happened that whatever was said wasn't true. But it does speak to the fact that no matter what was said- someone was being scrutinized no matter how small it seemed at the time.

I'm learning the best route to take {always} is to give people the benefit of the doubt and take time to think through whatever it is I have heard about a person or situation. A common misconception is that an opinion has become synonymous with a "fact" and hold way too much power in society. Here is the best definition I have found of the word:

Opinion: (noun) 1. A belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

Opinions have  the power to be hugely impactful in society in a very positive manner. For this to happen- it would take people coming together to resolve a situation at its source no matter how big or small a situation is. This is where peace is found- at the root of human encounters. Communication is arguably the most powerful earthly entity.

10% of conflict is due to difference in opinion.

90% is due to delivery and tone of voice.

I encourage you to join me and be a force of change wherever you are. You have the power to shape a person's opinion in what you hear and say and to delve more into opinions to find the truth behind situations to whatever extent possible- that is the purpose of opinions. To be a catalyst of change and truth seeking. Be thoughtful, intentional and kind with your words because every input has an output. Mindful communication is key.

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