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Are You In A “Saturday” Of Your Own?


In Bob’s Easter message last year, he related the following story:

Two friends met for coffee and decided to tour a local art gallery together.  One of the men was an accomplished chess player.  They were walking through the gallery and saw a painting called, “Checkmate”.  Both men looked at the painting, and the former chess champion was fascinated by it.  It was a painting of two men involved in a chess match with one of the opponents left in a losing position.  Game over!  Checkmate!  The more the chess master looked at the board in the painting, the more he was perplexed.  His friend was getting impatient and wanted to move on, but the chess player said, “Hey, you go on … there’s something puzzling me about this painting.  I’ll catch up with you in a few minutes.”  So his friend went off to check out the rest of the museum.  Awhile later when his buddy returned, the friend said, “I’ve got it!  I figured it out!  This painting has the wrong title.  It’s not checkmate … the King still has one more move!”

Saturday was the day “in-between”.

Saturday was the day all hope had vanished.

Saturday was the day of desperation.

Saturday was the day of “checkmate”.

Are you in a “Saturday” of your own?

When there is nowhere left to go, when joy has evaporated, when there is nothing or no one in whom we can put our faith, when we feel swallowed up in the Darkness of our own problems, concerns, failings, and sins, Saturday comes. The day in-between, the day THE KING STILL HAS ONE MORE MOVE!

The King is still at work even on the darkest of Saturdays, even when you’re convinced that it’s checkmate and there’s nothing left to do Saturday the day in-between.

But this is the second day of a three-day story.  Easter.  Don’t forget it’s not one-and-done.  It is not a two-day story.  It is a third day story.

Never forget that God does some of His best and most redemptive work on those dark and desolate Saturdays of our lives.