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Lori's Story


We each have a story to tell.  We can look through our lives and see how God places us "strategically to be his hands and voice" says Lori Hubbard, who's sharing her story with us today.  You've probably seen her and her family at SMC on a Sunday morning or kids or outreach event.   It's beautiful how she can look back in her life and see how God has used her in her gifted, unique way.  Thank you for sharing with us Lori!

To be honest, I was scared of her…not her as a person but rather the thought of having to interact on a regular basis with someone who had vastly different beliefs than my own.  I knew that one of the students wearing a hijab would be in my class in the Spring semester, but based on the names from the class roster I thought I had assigned the name that “sounded like a Muslim” to work more closely with another faculty member.

I felt confirmed from the previous semester’s praise moments that God wanted to use me to encourage Christian students, but what was I possibly to do with someone “like her”?  My fears were intensified on the first day of class when I realized that not only was she in the third row, but she would also be in my clinical group for nine hours every other week.

Faced with trepidation, prejudice, and scattered and pleading prayers, I began the semester wondering how God might use me.   I was certain that my time with this particular group of students was ordained simply from tracing my steps to that moment.

In high school, I was awarded the NC Teaching Fellows Scholarship but turned it down because I had decided to be an optometrist, which later morphed into two undergraduate degrees instead and the title of Registered Nurse by my name.  My time in pursuit of my first undergraduate degree at Elon blessed me with a spiritual rock and best friend who remains my first call in times of trouble and joy.

My second undergraduate degree led me to UNCG where I experienced abundant traits of student encouragement that I now incorporate on a daily basis.  Over the next 16 years, I found over and over that God would place me strategically to be his hands and voice as a labor and delivery nurse during the birth process with hundreds of families in Alamance County.  He even gently scooped me up while I was struggling through postpartum depression to pivot me toward lactation support for new moms that would give me better work hours to breathe and regroup.

I was always the nurse who reveled in taking students under my wing for the day, so when the opportunity to become an instructor for students coming into the hospital setting was pitched to me serendipitously by another clinical instructor shadowing my prenatal class one evening, it seemed quite appropriate.

Having turned down a teaching career at age 18, I soon had the epiphany that “I love students!”  The education path continued with another job status change to focus on staff training, community education, and student coordination where the Lord brought me a cocoon of Christian co-workers and a renewed burden for spreading the good news to those who live their lives day to day without a Savior.

When I received the email to return to UNCG to teach in the School of Nursing full time, where I had also received my Master’s Degree in Nursing Education in the midst of it all, it was as if Heaven illuminated the path I had traveled to show me how each turn had led to the moment of “you have arrived”.  I rest in that thought frequently as a reminder that I am right where He wants me to be.

So what happened with the Muslim student?  With a hug following her final evaluation, I realized that the friendship I had developed with her was fostered by looking past the hijab to find our commonalities of motherhood, seeking to respect others, and having a heart to help and heal.  The Holy Spirit worked overtime in me during that semester to push me at times to be bold in my faith but mostly to have my words and actions show the boundless love of Jesus to build relationships rather than walls.


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