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I Sold Something Valuable Today

photo (1)Today our writer is from our awesome SMC Student Ministry staff, Shea Rocheleau.  There's not enough words to describe her love for you and the love she has for Christ.   She has something exciting to share with us, so read on!  Welcome and thank you Shea!

I sold something valuable today. Now before any friends get excited for me thinking it's my house, it's something even more valuable. I sold the idea of a healthy marriage being what makes healthy families. And healthy families make healthy churches. Selling this notion, this priceless idea, has been a dream, a passion, a calling for many years.

I sold it!

I sold it to pastors, staff, friends, neighbors. Anyone who would listen. I've never been a good salesperson.  I would have trouble selling water in the desert. But today and the last few months, I've been selling the value of marriage to anyone around.

They bought it. They bought it. They bought it!!

What does that mean for you? It means you've got a place at SMC to safely grow and challenge your marriage to be more than what you've had. It means you and your spouse will sit together and share together things you may never have openly discussed. It means your children will see parents loving each other. Most importantly it means you are allowing God into your marriage to bring you to oneness in Him. And that means you can bring that oneness into your marriage with your spouse.

It means your mediocre marriage is now rushing towards excellence. It means your sinking marriage is now afloat. It means your great marriage is now pretty awesome. Think for a minute what all of this and more means for you and your marriage. Are you seeking more? Is your heart beating out of your chest right now reading this? Is your broken heart beginning to flutter with the thought of restoration?

SMC is excited to announce our new marriage ministry, re|engage. It's a time to reconnect, resurrect and reignite our marriages. Over the course of 14 weeks you'll connect with others and each other as you develop ways to become more with Christ so you can be more with your spouse. You'll have fun. You'll laugh. You may even cry. Our prayer and heart's desire is for you to rediscover your spouse, to love them and cherish them as God does.  At the same time we want you to grow in your walk with Christ, to become more like Him to make Him famous.


re|engage is a ministry that is built to move couples toward oneness; oneness with each other and with Christ.

re|engage is our Marriage Discipleship ministry which provides a hope-filled environment for couples to reignite, reconnect and even resurrect their marriages.

Join us for this 14-week experience which includes a time of teaching, a testimony by a couple who has experienced victory in the midst of hard times, and small group time which follows a specified curriculum.

re|engage will meet every Wednesday beginning October 1-January 21 at 7:00 in the Student Center.  Register at event registration or online. For more information please contact Jim and Shea Rocheleau at