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Sarah's Story Part 2


Here's part 2 of Sarah's story as she tells more about her sacred echo to reach other women.  If you missed the first part, you'll definitely  want to read it here.  Thanks again to Sarah for being an example of a young woman chasing her passion to serve Christ from her heart and hands.

Remember at my last post, I wrote how my mom, as well as myself, became very interested in selling these necklaces to help provide a source of income for these incredible women in this small town in Uganda. I wanted to be a part of it.

 So we did. We began selling these necklaces and sending the money back to the women in Uganda. We became a small part of their amazing fellowship. We sold many necklaces and kept in touch with some of the people helping with the suubi organization. After a while, her name appeared again.

Renee Bach.  The missionary in Uganda I mentioned earlier in my story whom I had written a letter to a year earlier.  She helped make suubi beads. The very beads I helped to sell in the states. But, once again, I lost focus on the light of Jesus in the midst of my day to day life.

A year later, for the third time, Africa arose in my life. In 2010 we hosted three beautiful girls from Africa that were traveling for the Daraja choir. They stayed with us for a few days and we all became quick friends. To this day I wonder how Violet, Emma, and Hannah are doing.

And as I mentioned at the beginning, Katie came into my life as a figure of hope in my life. That I could be a missionary wherever I am. I don't have to go to extreme measures to show God's love. You can show His love wherever you are in life. God has put a hand on me. For the fourth time, Uganda and Renee's name has popped up in my life. This time much louder, much more dynamic, and in a way that I will not ignore and has lead me to taking action. I am a believer of the "sacred echo." God will make his plan clear to you and will repeat it as many times as it takes.

Through my family friend, Ashley Howington, I received this book called Kisses From Katie. My mom read it before me and encouraged me to read it while I was away on my New York City missions trip. Of course, I stayed busy and didn't get a chance to read the book while I was away. However, yesterday I felt a great urge to pick up this book and see what God wanted me to see.

I was instantly amazed by Katie's willingness to give up her material needs as well as her comfort, and go to Uganda. Where God wanted her. And I want the same for my life. I want to put all of my needs last to His whatever they may be. I want to live a life of service for Him. As I continued to read the book I fumbled across an amazingly familiar name. Renee Bach. Renee was my sacred echo from God. She is also a friend of Katie's, and works with her in Uganda. Do you know how many missionaries there are in Uganda? Renee's name keeps me focused on what I want to accomplish in God's name. This is just how my God works; in amazing ways. And He will not be ignored.

As I sit here and read through my journal entry from July, I feel extremely proud. Not pride in myself, but instead I am overwhelmingly proud to call God mine. Over the course of my entire life, whether I realized it or not, He has been looking out for me and redeeming me constantly. To know that God is in my heart and that I have built a steadfast relationship on someone who I could depend upon entirely brings me unspeakable joy. It is this type of relationship with God that I pray every person will get to experience.

I have witnessed His blessings in peoples' lives around me. I have experienced His blessings in my life and my family's life. It is a beautiful thing that has been revealed to me whether it's through the people around me, in nature, or directly through his words. This has amplified my faith and it grows; with every prayer, every new day, and every new blessing He puts into the world. My love for Him expands everyday.  He echoes words of encouragement into my life. I never noticed them before, but now I do.

As I mentioned, these echoes of God's plan are easy to overlook in the midst of this chaotic world. If you can only take away one thing from me writing this it would be to listen carefully for your echo. It will change your life forever.