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What's the heartbeat of your life? Part 2: Trusting Wholly, Holy Trust


Today our writer is SMC's Women's Ministry lead coordinator, Joanne Soliday.   She's telling us some of her personal lessons about trusting God through His Word and gifts us with her encouragement by challenging us to be reading the Bible.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us, Joanne!


How do you think calmly about Scripture when it is the heartbeat of your life?

One of our leaders at St. Mark's Church once told a story that has never left me. She said that each one of us over time has wished for moments or a few last words from a loved one that has passed away. I resonated so much with her thoughts! I often long for a "last letter" from my father who left us 15 years ago.

But her next words struck me! She said, that the Bible is like that letter left by our Father in Heaven.

That's exactly how I feel about Scripture. We have this wonderful letter and it continues to teach us. Time after time, I learn something different from the same verse and the same story.  But one of the consistent points God is teaching us is to trust Him.   Each story, God is inviting people to trust Him.

Over these last years I find it more important to memorize important passages.  In order to trust God in all things, I think that happens when you decide you'll rely on Jesus to direct every step of your life.  You might not be carrying a Bible everywhere you go but you must have the Word with you!

Memorizing verses brings me comfort, keeps me seeing the bigger picture and helps me to help others. It has proven to be one of the most crucial pieces of my journey with Christ. I whisper scripture to myself many times a day. Sometimes I wonder if anyone hears it and thinks I'm crazy!

Breathing scripture in and breathing it out brings a sense of calm that is unattainable for me in any other way.

I guess it'd be fair to admit that I'm head over heels in love with the New Testament. I know I should love each of the books of the Bible equally, but I will be transparent and say it's not easy to keep the Old Testament as close to me.

I love the Words of Jesus!

I can't tell you how much I read the letters in red and feel He's sitting in my living room talking to me. I love the way HE....

• Was born in a humble way with a star that pointed us to HIM • Speaks directly so there's no confusion about His expectation • Speaks in parables so we can work hard to see ourselves in each one • Slaps the hands of those who try to judge others • Describes how the "rules" are not as important as the heart • Loves those who we would say are unlovable • Begs people to "be" with him instead of "doing" more (I love that old phrase that we should be human beings instead of human doings!) • Talks about women and embraces them as He does (LOVE THAT!) • Has ultimate patience with those who are his disciple and explains HIS purpose to us again and again • He took time alone so He could take time with crowds • Teaches us to sacrifice and how He made the ultimate sacrifice • And so much more!

The words of Jesus will always be my guide and the heartbeat of my soul.

When I do read the Old Testament, I'm drawn to the Psalms first. What raw prayers they are! No words minced. Pain...Joy...Confusion...Passion. I turn there when I'm tempted to be "nice" in my prayers!

And last, but for sure not least, I'm a fanatic about reading the prophecy in the Bible and then reading the outcomes! How can we ever need more proof than this? Time after time, we can see what God showed us would happen and then how it happened. This little chart is in our SMC Essentials Guide. It is my devotional for this week. More Proof! prophecy and fulfillment chart

The chances of one man fulfilling even eight prophecies is 1 in 10 to the 17th power (1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000)

What a gift we have in scripture. And now...the only thing we need to do is receive it!

Is Scripture the heartbeat of your life?