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Be inspired. Be honest. Be You.

The Day After Christmas


The annual anticipation has culminateFor at least a month many were elated

By the impending celebration of the birth of a baby boy

Or is that the real reason?


The trees, inflatables and lights galore

Stockings, sweaters and so much more

Shopping and Christmas movies 24/7

But now that it’s over what does all that matter?


Seems our focus is pulled in so many ways

We can watch TV or stay online for days

People might be all around us

But that doesn’t keep us from loneliness


As we begin to un-decorate from the season

Can we be intentional about our reasons

For the gifts, the cards and recognition

That we experience on Christmas


Perhaps as we return to the busyness of life

Our daily routines and unavoidable strife

May we realize that this is when the work begins

To make life better wherever we can.


For isn’t that the reason God came to earth

And came to life in human birth?

To make us one with Him

And make life better for those around us?


‘Tis true it’s better to give than receive

But can we for one moment truly believe

The work Jesus started in His 33 years

Will drive out darkness and many fears


There are no limits when we expand and grow

What He started in us so long ago

Let’s bring peace, harmony and love

And make this world more like heaven above.


Peace, love and blessings,

Angela Hailey