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Paying It Forward

20160620_123402098_iOS Inheritances are passed down from one generation to another, almost like “paying it forward”.

Of all the women of the Bible, my mama was an “Eunice”.

You don’t know Eunice? I didn’t either.

Eunice was Timothy’s mother and was only mentioned once in Scripture.

She was named in one verse found in 2 Timothy 1:5 when Paul writes about Timothy’s sincere and unqualified faith [the surrendering of your entire self to God in Christ with confident trust in His power, wisdom and goodness, a faith] which first lived in [the heart of] your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and I am confident that it is in you as well.

Eunice was described by Sophie Hudson in her book “Giddy Up Eunice” as to knowing “how to honor, how to preserve, how to cling, how to glean, how to partner and how to pass it on.”

This described my mama.

My mama is a Eunice. She lived a rock solid “sincere and unqualified faith” and passed it on the next generations.

Today is the 3rd anniversary of her death and it is only 7 days after what would have been her 76th wedding anniversary.

May and June are emotional battlegrounds for me. Mother’s Day, our son’s birthday, our anniversary, Father’s Day, my parent’s anniversary, and my mother’s death. They are all days that have become bittersweet and at times, hard to swallow.

The reason I can navigate halfway successfully through these weeks is because my mama was a Eunice.

Her legacy to me has many facets as everything she learned, she learned growing up in an orphanage. She had no contact with her mother, no way to absorb a mother’s wisdom and faith.

Yet, she learned life lessons, which served her well her entire life, but somewhere along the way she learned to trust in Jesus, and it served her the best.

Wherever it was, whomever she observed, my mama was a fast learner.

She, like Eunice, just lived Jesus in her life, always loving, always helping anyone who had a need. She never called attention to herself and she never questioned God’s love and presence.

She never preached Him, exalted Him out loud, or read her Bible consistently, but her rock solid faith never waivered.

That “sincere and unqualified faith” describing Eunice in 2 Timothy 1 was the legacy passed on to me.

My mama’s faith sustained her growing up in an orphanage, her first years of marriage where she was ostracized by some of her mother-in-law’s friends because she was a “home kid”, the death of her new born daughter, the miscarriage of longed for son, the social embarrassment of having a daughter who “had to get married”, the diagnosis of a granddaughter with Cystic Fibrosis and her death at 24, the death of her only grandson, the death of her first great grandchild, the death of all three of her brothers and every sister-in-law, the death of her daughter, and the death of her beloved husband of 68 years.

Her faith never waivered, it never flinched. She remained confident in the power and goodness and love of her Father. The Message calls it an “honest faith”.

That was my mama, Margaret Susan Murray McCurdy. For her 92 years on this earth, she knew without a doubt where her anchor was, and that anchor of hope was sunk into the bedrock of faith

Angie Smith wrote in her blog concerning the loss of her newborn daughter Audrey:

I don’t know why she is gone, but I do know Who had the final say. And it wasn’t the snake. And because I know Who, I am willfully unconcerned with why.

Mama always knew the “Who”. She never doubted the Father who had created her and loved her and cared for her as an orphan, had ever stopped loving and caring for her.

My inheritance is rich with her love and wisdom and funny quirks, but my most prized possession is the faith she lived every day.

Thank you Mama for paying it forward!