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When I Think About The Start Of Holy Week


When I think about the start of Holy Week, I hear a Pep Rally in the background…cheering, and drum beating, and crowd swelling. Jesus is coming out of 40 days of living hell and he enters the city walls a hero, the Chosen One, the long-awaited Messiah during the celebration of the year, Passover. Its pomp and blaring noise, reunion, and thanksgiving. The festive and feasting. The atmosphere is full of rejoicing. Jesus probably heard a ticking clock…tick, tick, tick, tick. He knew His time on earth, in flesh, was winding down.

If you haven’t watched “The Bible” miniseries, now might be the time to schedule a binge-session. You can watch the episodes for free here.  I would suggest, in preparation for Holy Week, you take a close look at Episode 7 and Episode 8 …Jesus is out doing his good work, training His disciples, schooling the Pharisees, then He enters triumphantly into Jerusalem, fulfilling the Old Testament prophecy.  You know the rest, and it’s certainly worth a watch.

Awaiting Him within the city walls are forces that wish to quell this up-tempo, morale-boosting, fanfare. They want to negate His claim and rip Him from the collective consciousness…despite His message of love, hope, and peace. He held fast in the face of adversity as tensions mounted and adrenaline ran high. Sometimes, it’s easier to see a message because the imagery aids the words in coming alive and this mini-series, in my humble opinion, really gives an honest look (with some liberties, granted) into what it must have been like not only for Jesus, but those around Him. I think to myself, what would I have done back then? What would I have believed? These were turbulent times…for everyone. And the beauty of God’s great plan is on full display. Would I have taken a risk and followed Him then? Having read these scriptures, I appreciate being able to see them acted out, as that visual weight further solidifies for me how the love story of God looks (then, today, and tomorrow after tomorrow) and how much it means. This time of year is always so moving for me because it’s the culmination of everything God is.

We know what Jesus will endure for our sakes’ because the Word is ours today. We know what sacrifice He will make. And we know full well that Sunday comes and our Savior lives (Hallelujah!). I find “The Bible” miniseries reenactment most powerful and moving, and it continues to help me understand and contemplate what His followers must have lived through, as much as what He himself lived through in flesh, as they were trying to grasp that He is who He says He is, and that He can and will do what He says He can and will do.

So, as we begin Holy Week, I will enjoy some personal Pep Rally time remembering who my God is and that He comes in love (then, now, and always)…for me, you, everyone…I encourage you to take time today, and every day, to fall a little more in love with Jesus (and watch “The Bible” miniseries—you won’t regret it).